Welcome to DongGuan ShengHan Precise Plastic Products Co., Ltd
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DongGuan ShengHan Precise Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Founding Time: Jan.18th.2007. DongGuan City, CHINA.

registered capital1Million RMB.

an ISO 9001:2015 certificated Precise Molds &Plastic Parts Manufacturer, Fully professional Solution for your projects.

Workshop Area:

>8,000, It has modern mold manufacturing workshop and Plastic Parts Injection Moulding production plants, equipped with complete hi-tech manufacturing Machinery & Equipment; and Employees living area.

Team Working: 

20+ outstanding Engineers and managerial Talents;

12+ Senior Mould Technicians;

100+ skilled Operators & Workers.

Our Engineers can read 3D drawing format: STP,  STEP,  X_T,  IGS,  SLDPRT; etc.

Our tooling process use CAD/CAM/CAE high-tec system; CNC machining center; Wire Cutting; EDM machines; Milling and Drilling and other hi-precise equipment.

Mold Making Capability:

Our own Internal mold tooling Workshop; Independent Mould Manufacturing Ability.

Mold Weight:30kgs ~30 Ton.

Monthly Capacity:25~35 sets,depends on the size or complexity of the Molds.

Lead Time:25~42 work days.

Main Suppliers: LKM, Futaba, Other famous CN Brand,etc.

Mold Components Standards: DME, HASCO, MISUMI international standard, or equivalent.

Our Mold Exported to:Germany, USA, Canada,Japan,India,Chile, South Africa.

Plastic Part Moulding Capacity:

22+ sets Precise Plastic Injection moulding Machines, all armed with automatic Robot Hands;

Injection Tonnage:80T~850T.

Part Net Weight:0.5gram~11.5Kgs.

Material Brand: DuPont, MITSUBISHI,  Bayer & BASF, ChiMei,LG etc.

Main Plastic Material we use


Special Material to meet up your requirements:High-gloss transparent PC, PMMA, etc; Food grade; Medical grade; Fireproof UL 94-VO; UV aging prevention; Impact resistance; Conductive PPS; Glass fiber, etc.


Main Export Market:

SHHmold has independent Imports&Exports Rights since 2008.

Molds and molded Plastic Parts Exports to:USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Australia, Chile, Vietnam, South Africa etc.

ISO Certificate:  ISO9001: 2015,     ISO14001: 2015,       ISO/TS16949 (ing.....)


Our main Business Scope:

1.Product design, Precise injection Mold Design & Manufacturing;

2.Precise Plastic Injection Molding Production for Plastic Parts; 

SHHmold factory has rich and mature experiences on high glossy, Transparent parts; TPU,TPE overmolding, or Metal Pins, Nut overmolding, Precise Assembly parts, internal Thread unscrewing moulding, precise Gears, Gearbox Housing.

3.Prototyping, 3D Printing, Painting, Silk Screen, Plating, Ultrasonic Welding, Thermal Bonding,Custom Packing;

4.Assembling All Kinds of semi-finished Products, finished Products, etc.

Main Products:

1.Precise Molds for electronic&electrical Plastic Parts;   e.g.POS housing, Remote Control Shell, Blue Tooth Speaker,etc

2.Energy Saving Fan, Air purification equipment;       e.g. Power Saving Fan Cover, Fan Blade, Humidifier Housing,Air Conditioner Parts;

3.Water Filter&Purifier Accessories, Insulated Water Bottles,Sport Water Cups and Mugs

4.School and Office Equipment,Telecommunication Devices, Internet Data Transmission Devices;    e.g.  Printer, Copier parts, Stapler Housing, File Shelves,Set Top Boxes, Wireless Bridge Case;

5.Auto Parts, Medical components, Furniture Parts, Security Devices e.g. Auto Window Frame, Syringe Sleeve, Sofa Legs;

6.Precise POM or Nylon Gears,Metal inserts over-molding, soft Rubber Overmolds,etc.

Top Quality , Constantly Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Zero Defects.

Cooperation, Mutual Assistance, Win-Win ,Customer Satisfaction.

We are eager to become a strategic development partner of yours, to explore & develop, share, and grow up together.

Looking forward to cooperating with you, to satisfy clients with excellent quality, high efficiency as well as uppermost services.